Feel Good Friday: Natural Disasters and Government Aid

Feel Good Friday: Natural Disasters and Government Aid

Today we have some heart-warming stories that emerged in the face of crisis and disaster!


Have faith in the power of human kindness.  It is all around us.


Thanks to Love What Matters for telling these amazing stories.

“Perhaps you all have heard about how the owner of Gallery Furniture, “Mattress Mack” opened his stores for use as refugee shelters. What you may not know is that he also opened his mattress showroom up to members of the Texas Army National Guard, so that they could get some well deserved rest between missions. I thought I would share what that looks like.”

Credit: US Army Photo by Sgt. Steve Johnson


“Look at all these people with their boats coming to help Houston. Heading westbound on highway 90 on the road between Liberty Dayton. 👍🏼❤️ God bless you.”

Credit: Veronika Previte


“I don’t know who this guy is, other than he is a prosecutor in Miami-Dade. He came down to the Florida Keys with his own grill and 300 lbs of chicken to cook for all military and first responders out here helping with Hurricane Irma relief. Thank you from all of us!”

Credit: Robert Vien


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Pam Brekke’s father is on oxygen. She ran into Lowe’s and we watched her breakdown in tears when she realized she had just missed the last generator. A total stranger, Ramon Santiago, saw her too. He walked up and insisted she take his. Writing this through tears and with a heart full of pride for my community.”


“Nearly 10 years ago, I bought Don Paullo a canoe for Christmas. He talked about fishing with friends and kids. Well, the canoe touched water once and has sat on the side of our garage for nearly a decade. Every once in a while, I’d comment on the stagnant canoe and Don would laugh and say he’d use it ‘next weekend’. Well, the little green canoe got all its use over the past 3 days. It’s hauled over 100 people, their pets, and belongings out of Nottingham Forest. Don spent over 20 hours in the freezing cold water helping our friends, neighbors and perfect strangers to safety. Right now, it’s hauling the last important things out of our house. I’m very proud of Don and all he’s done for us and our community. I’m not sure what our future holds. But I do know that “stuff” doesn’t matter, people do. Pray for Houston.”

Credit: Brandi Bandoni Paullo


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“Ok, best for last. This was our first rescue. Lady told us she wasn’t leaving without her kids. Officer Hux, the lady, her two adult sons, and I waded through waist deep water (also throughout her house on the river) for 200-300 yards to get these guys to safety. If I remember correctly 8 dogs and 2 cats. Dogs seemed very thankful. Cats didn’t care.”

Credit: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office


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