Feel Good Friday: Net Neutrality

Feel Good Friday: Net Neutrality

It’s time for some laughs on Feel Good Friday!

Below are two clips from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Net Neutrality.


SIMPLE SOURCE NOTE: Since we strive to be non-biased, we want you to be aware that both videos are on the PRO side of Net Neutrality.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find videos of the CON side that were funny for Feel Good Friday.  Also, there is also language in the videos – so be warned before watching on full volume at work.


Enjoy some laughs from the first segment he did back on June 1, 2014.


If you liked the first one and want to see the latest one, which aired May 7, 2017, feel free to watch this one too!


Thanks for another great week!  Have a good Memorial Day weekend!!!


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