A Simple Source was created to give you a way to know what is going on in the world around you and to pay attention to the government that works for you. We are going to give you that information with researched facts from places like reference databases, scholarly journals, etc. (like the kind that would make a reference librarian shed tears of happiness) in the most non-biased way possible.  There will no news stories that are wrapped in opinions.  Just the information so you can decide where you stand on the issue.


We know you’re busy which is why we will tackle one issue a week – that’s it.  Each week, we’ll provide you with the following:

  • The basic information on the issue
  • What each side of the issue believes
  • Views from around the world
  • Ways to take action or make your voice heard.
  • Then, we’ll always end the week on a positive note regarding the issue

One issue – each week.  If Monday comes, and it’s not an issue that you feel strongly about – guess what?  You can take this week off!  We’ll see you next week.

With A Simple Source, you have both the information and the means to have a voice, but not feel overwhelmed by it all.


Take it week by week.  Learn a little. Be a small change.  Keep it simple.