Take Action Thursday: The DREAM Act

Take Action Thursday: The DREAM Act

Looking to do something about the DREAM Act?

See below for ways to take action!

1: Contact your Representatives:

This is REALLY the best way because it’s a legislative bill that they are going to vote on.  Your best bet is to call, but you can can also email them.  You can find YOUR REPRESENTATIVES & THEIR INFORMATION HERE.  You can email or call them using the script below:

Hello, my name is _________________ and I live in  _________(town or zip code – they want to know you’re from their jurisdiction).  I am a constituent of Senator/Representative ___________, and I’m contacting you today regarding the DREAM Act.

I am very much in support of (OR) against the DREAM Act because I feel (Insert your reasons/feelings here – just say how you feel/what you think.  Feel free to use the information from this website to back you up – More Info Monday,  Two-Sided Tuesday or Worldview Wednesday).

I’m calling/emailing to see if Rep. _________ / Senator ___________ plans to publicly oppose/support these policies and what he/she plans to do about those affect by the DREAM Act.

Thank you for your time.

2. TWEET at your Representatives:

The world is fast paced and you can use Twitter if that’s more your speed.  You can find your representatives Twitter info here as well.  Be sure to use the hashtags #DREAMAct #DACA along with your thoughts.


These organizations below are working to make the DREAM Act a reality.

Option 1: United We Dream  – This is the first and largest youth-led immigration organization in the U.S.  They work in various ways to protect immigrants and their rights.


OPTION 2: ACLU – This organization works to defend and preserve the rights of the people as guaranteed by the Constitution and U.S. Laws.  They are currently working to get the DREAM Act passed.





There are also organizations working to keep the DREAM Act from passing.  

OPTION 1: FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) – This is an organization that works to restrict immigration in the U.S.





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