Take Action Thursday: The Paris Agreement

Take Action Thursday: The Paris Agreement

Want to do something about Paris Agreement?


We have made it SIMPLE for you make your voice heard by letting the President and Congress know how you feel and how to be part of a change like signing a petition, making a donation, or small actions to help alleviate global warming!


1. Send a letter to President Trump letting him know how you feel.  You can email the White House by clicking here where you can write in your thoughts on the Paris Agreement (there is also a link for a phone number on that page as well).

If you are looking to let President Trump and Secretary of State, Rex Tillerman, know that you disagree with their decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, the National Resource Defense Fund has made it very easy to send them a letter. Click the image below to go to a pre-done letter; you just have to fill in your information.


2. Contact your elected officials:  You can find the contact information for Your Elected Representatives here.  The script for emailing or calling them can be found here.

If you are looking to contact your representative to tell them that you support the Paris Agreement, the Environmental Defense Fund has made it SIMPLE. Click their logo below to go to a pre-done letter; again, you just have to fill in your information.


3. Sign the petition: There is a petition that has over 1/2 a million signatures that is going to President Trump and both the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Click the link below to add your name!

4. Donate: There are two organizations who are fighting to keep the U.S. as part of the Paris Agreement who have received 4 stars from Charity Navigator (the organization that rates non-profit organizations).  If you would like to help support their fight, you can click the links below to donate:

Option 1: Environmental Defense Fund – Until Friday June 9th at midnight – for every $1 donated, there will be at $2 matched donation by Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard and other anonymous donor sponsors.  The EDF addresses the most pressing environmental issues, and then working in partnership with others, they focus on how their best able to help.

Option 2: The National Resource Defense Fund – This organization wages legal battles against the government to protect the environment as well as works to preserve and conserve!

5. Make changes towards reducing global warming: Regardless of whether the U.S. is part of the Paris Agreement, everyone can take action in the fight against global warming.  Below are some suggestions on things you can do to help reduce the burning of fossil fuels!

  • Recycle: This is one of the best things you can do to reduce waste and greenhouse gases!
  • Change your lightbulbs to LED bulb: Added bonus is your electricity bill will be lower!
  • Turn it off when you’re not using it: this applies to lights in your home, electronics/tvs/computers/kitchen appliances, your car, water – even if its just for a few minutes – it all adds up!
  • Car maintenance: be sure to have regular maintenance done on your vehicles and ensure your tires are properly inflated – this will help reduce your gas milage (again saving YOU money!)
  • Eat less meat and more natural foods: The beef industry is a huge producer of gas emissions.  Overly processed food means higher energy output from the factories that produce the food.  (Another added bonus: less processed food is better for your health)
  • Plant a tree – trees help convert carbon dioxide back to oxygen!


Join us tomorrow for some positive environment news on Feel Good Friday!

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